Excessive sweating also known as hyperhidrosis refers to the abnormal increase in sweating that is required for body temperature regulation. This sweating can be caused by increase in surrounding temperature or activity level.

Excessive sweating tends to occur mostly around the active perspiration regions such as the hands, armpits, feet, facial area and around the groins. When this sweating becomes localized around one part of the body it's called primary or focal hyperhidrosis which begins to manifests during puberty. However, secondary hyperhidrosis can be a symptom of a malfunctioning of the body such as diabetes mellitus, menopause or malfunctioning of the pituitary glands.

Sweaty feet especially the foot, is the most common and evident form for those suffering from excessive sweating. Excessive sweaty hands can be quite severe, affecting a patient's everyday life both functionally and socially proving it hard to do some tasks. There are various solutions for sweaty palms where the success rate for cure is very high. Operation can be carried out here incision is done on the palms. Sweaty palms are caused by increased activity which eventually affects the sympathetic nervous system located around the chest. The Iontophoresis machine which is meant for sweaty hands has offered a quick solution for sweaty hands.

Iontophoresis machines interfere with the sweat glands just below the epidermis leaving the hands and feet bone dry with minimum sweat. These machines have had the most successful rate in relieving of sweaty hands.

People who have excessive sweating disorders in the feet also do sweat in the hands. This condition is known as hyperhidrosis of the feet. This condition can lead to a situation where the feet get smelly because of excessive moisture. Foot odor such as it may start appearing whitish and infections are common. Check out to leanr more about excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating of the feet may be as a result of genetic inheritance. Some people sweat when there is excessive heat or cold temperatures. However, those with hyperhidrosis condition sweat most of the time. Care should be taken to ensure foot hygiene is achieved such as washing sweaty feet on a daily basis and drying them then applying a powder or antifungal powder which may be a solution. Wearing cotton made socks serves for trapping the moisture minimizing sweating. Shoes made of breathable materials should also be worn. Good hygiene can prevent the side effects of Sweaty feet .

Iontophoresis machine offers a great and successful solution for sweaty feet. It uses water to conduct a mild electric current through the skin of the feet which drives away the accumulating sweat glands. The most common used type of machine is the pulsed current models that minimize pain.